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Moving represents a number of things to different people.  The prospect of moving to a new community can be an exciting and thrilling for many of us, however moving itself is also cited as being among life’s most stressful events. In fact, moving is consistently ranked the third highest stress filled event.

So as we move past July and plan ahead for future moves, here are a couple of tips to ensure that your next move is considerably less stressful, and maybe even lighter on the pocketbook, with the help of and our team of Taskrunners!

Tip! – Confront your tasks head on!

The first step to moving is acknowledging the reality that there are a host of responsibilities you have to tend to when moving.  This is at the core of much moving related stress. Being able to compile a to do list for all your tasks will help minimize the amount of space they take up in your head, and give you the satisfaction of crossing tasks off your list once they are completed!

Once you compile a list of tasks you need done, Taskhire can help you delegate tasks that are too time consuming for you, by outsourcing the responsibility to someone willing to do that task for a little extra cash.  Here are a couple ideas of what I mean.

Physically packing your belongings into boxes:

Often we spend time reminiscing the place of objects in own memories while packing, making the process of packing itself a lot more time consuming that it has to be.  Post tasks that help you in make these moving chores less stressful

  • Wrapping kitchenware like your cups, wine glasses, mugs, plates or specialty china with newspaper before placing them in boxes to protect them during the move.
  • Packing your personal library or reading collection into categorized boxes to keep you organized when you unpack.
  • Disconnecting surround sound systems and any other electronic setup with a confusing array of cables packing cables

Physical labor:

Not all of us have the brawn to lift boxes all day at breakneck speed.  If you’re hiring a mover, then you’re probably paying by the hour for both the mover and the vehicle.

Stressed yet?

Posting a task on Taskhire for physical help during the move with someone who is probably in a better physical condition to do the task than you. Besides, If you break your back moving boxes into your moving truck, how are you going to unload the boxes once you’re done?


No one wants to hand off their lovely home as a mess for the next tenant.  Besides, if you’re a renter you’ll probably end up losing your deposit if the person you’re leasing from has to clean up your mess.  By posting a task on Taskhire for some cleaning around the house, while you move, you can help ensure you get your safety deposit back, having someone clean your property for a lot less than what your landlord will probably charge.  Here are a couple ideas of tasks to help in this department:

  • Mop or wax hardwood floors.
  • Vacuum and/or shampoo your carpets
  • Clean windows
  • Scrub down your bathrooms
  • Repaint walls that need some extra attention
  • Throw out the accumulated garbage as well as things you no longer need.
  • Clean your new home, so that you won’t have to amidst the move.

Help pay for the costs of your move by putting together a virtual garage sale:

Often, we end up throwing out perfectly fine appliances like that deep fryer you got as a housewarming present -that you probably never used) or electronic devices -like that TV that works perfectly fine that you replaced with a new flatscreen or HDTV you splurged on-.  Rather than have perfectly fine household items take up space in your local landfill, plan ahead with a local Taskrunner to organize a virtual garage sale.

This task can include posting pictures of your items on or for that student or household on a budget to buy off your hands!  That deep fryer you’ve been hoarding could make a local catering company very happy.  Plus the cash you make from selling items you’d get rid of anyway can go a long way towards reducing the cost of moving.  Whether it’s the moving boxes you bought, the truck you’ve rented or even the taskrunner who is helping you move!  Tasks like this can help pay for the taskrunners you’re hiring to make your life easier!

A stress free move is in your hands!

Moving on days as beautiful as any in July can make it hard for us to plan ahead, but with a little help from Taskhire and our community of Taskrunners, you can make sure your next move is filled with less stress, less clutter, less cleaning and less cost than any you’ve had before!

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