7 effective money saving tips and no you are not doing them all!

When it comes to saving money, a lot of people have the mentality that small changes won’t help much. However, as the saying goes, drops of water make a mighty ocean. You will be surprised how following some (or all!) of these 7 simple tips can save you from putting a dent in your wallet.

A quick thank you goes out to our readers and twitter friends who were nice enough to make some suggestions from personal experience.

1) Make your own coffee

First on our list is making your own coffee. If you are already doing this, you know how helpful this can be. If not and you can’t start your day without a cup of joe then it’s about time that you tried this tip. It may seem like a mammoth task to accomplish in the morning but consider what you could save; just cutting down on one cup a day can save you $60 a month which you could put to much better use! Not only will it be cheaper but most of your favorite shops sell their own coffee brand and you can have more than one cup if you like.

2) Bring your own lunch

Lunch time is a great opportunity to network with others. It can be difficult being the only one carrying a lunch bag but don’t be ashamed for even one second. More and more people are shying away from the pre-packaged and sugar-filled foods available in most cafeterias. Bringing your own lunch is beneficial for more reasons than just saving a few extra dollars and you don’t have to feel guilty splurging on a fancy lunch with your co-workers every now and then.

3) Swap your clothes

Once the seasons change and you feel like getting rid of your old clothes, why not throw a little fashion show at home with your friends?

You can trade or borrow each others fashion finds without spending a dime! Another option is to find some thrift shops looking to buy second-hand clothing or sell them on eBay.

4)  Keep a close eye on expiry dates

Yes! This is something that not everyone does and you end up taking home something that may expire within days. So next time you are at the grocery store, keep a look out. It takes just an extra moment and you can work some stretching into it – look down low and way in the back for items with the latest expiry dates. This easy tip can save you more than a few dollars and that extra trip to the grocery store.

5) Disconnect your land line

Unless you have small kids or elderly parents at home it is unlikely that you rely on your landline for communication. Most of us use our mobile phones for communication purposes and so that extra $30 to $40 a month is not doing anyone any good.

6) Bottle your own water

Water is essential to keeping healthy and you should be drinking at least 8 glasses a day. Stay far away from vending machines which are pricey and have an unhealthy selection. You can buy bottled water from stores once in a while but try to invest in a water filter such as BRITA and canteen for easy transport. This is not just a time and money saver but it’s good for the environment too!

7) Regulate your electric use

Even if the building is paying for it, be green! Switch off appliances when they are not in use. Unplugging the TV saves more energy than  just turning it off. When purchasing new appliances, always opt for energy efficient brands.

We hope that these 7 tips will help you put your hard earned money to better use. Try to follow as many of these as you possibly can! Remember they are simple but you still have to put in an effort to accomplish them! Good luck!

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