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With Our Powers Combined

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s Friday night, and you have tickets to a fashion show.

What you’re expecting: elegant clothes, bright lights, hoppin tunes, photographers’ flashes left and right.

What you get: a beautifully run show featuring designs by Arti Gogna, Jennifer Massabni and Marina Sonin as well as a special performance by Shawn Mista Wellz, all organized by Christina Scourlas, Event Coordinator at Pink Heels, and held at hip venue Time Supperclub.

What you never expected to get: a show performed entirely by volunteers – who were found through – the entire purpose of which was to raise money and awareness for all types of cancers in women.

Through the partnership of and THINK Pink Heels, $2000 was raised for women’s cancer charities. THINK Pink Heels is also closely affiliated with Pink Heals – Guardians of the Ribbon and For more info, please check out their facebook page.

See more pictures from the event below:

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