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Seasons Savings! 7 Terrific Tips

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

As this festive season approaches, our personal time is getting slimmer and so are our pay cheques. With holiday parties, gifts and of course a little bit of self maintenance, by the time January first rolls around, not only do we have to start saving (all over again!) but we are too exhausted to even make resolutions.

At Taskhire, we’ve thought up some useful ways to help you be a little more productive with your time and money around the holidays and otherwise.

1) Homemade facemasks

This is a big money saver! Not just for the young girlies experimenting with recipes from a magazine anymore. You wouldn’t believe some of the great concoctions you can create in your own kitchen for under $10. Check out this site for some great ideas. Tip: make it a once a month thing with your friends, put a twist on girls night out and host an at home spa day!
Another good beauty DIY link at DailyWorth

2) Get your make-up and hair done by a student

We’re not telling you to skip the blow dry before the office holiday party, but try this alternative. Cosmetology students can be quite generous, often offering their services at a discounted price. They do a good job and are usually willing to come to your home – a big time saver! Some of our Task Runners specifically do hair and make-up, so post a Task early and set a date!

3) Secret Santa

An old favorite. Buying gifts for your whole family and close friends is expensive – very expensive. Not to mention you have colleagues and neighbours that you can’t bear to leave out. Suggest doing a secret Santa gift exchange! It’s easy on the wallet and loads of fun.

Holiday Potluck4) Potlucks vs Restos

As we discussed in our previous post, eating out can get pricey. Why not suggest a potluck? You or your friends can show off your holiday décor, and it makes for a nice cozy setting with your choice of holiday tunes.

5) Learn with Podcasts

If you have yet to discover the wonderful world of podcasts, there is no time like the present. Whether you are stuck in traffic or on the commute, doing dishes and other chores – use that time to brush up on an educational subject, your interests (history, yoga, sports) or the new language you want to learn (Japanese anyone?) with so much available to learn, it’s time well wasted. Not to mention, many podcasts are free!

6) Get a prepaid credit card

Shopping on the web is fun and convenient, but unfortunately often leads to unnecessary impulse purchases. Need a way to curb that appetite for online goodies? Try a prepaid credit card. Load funds directly from your bank account, or try Instacheque. This method is a lot like carrying only cash – you have a limit you can spend. Decide ahead of time exactly how much you can allow yourself to spend, load it to the card, and voilà, there’s no way you can talk yourself into spending “just another thirty dollars.” More info

7) Catering vs errand help

Throwing a big party and need help providing food? Dealing with a large catering company involves a hefty price tag and a big commitment. Why not hire a couple of Task Runners instead? They can pick up your groceries, stop at the specialty store, and even pick up the wine. You can also get some help chopping and prepping in the kitchen. This can easily save you a good four to six hours and cost a fraction of what you would pay a catering company. Check Task Runner profiles to find the person with the skills you’re looking for!